The Pilgrim Reader's Bible is a series of editions of various books of the Bible designed for serious Bible readers. These books contain the complete text of the King James Version of the Bible reformatted and/or annotated for clearer and easier reading. They are intended especially for people reading systematically through the Bible and struggling with some of the more difficult-to-understand books.

These books are available in Kindle format for the Kindle eBook reader and can be purchased at A free Kindle viewer can be downloaded to read these books on personal computers, iPads, and other electronic devices. These books are not yet available in print form. Click on the book cover or title to go to the book on Amazon.

Gospels book cover

The Gospels

This volume contains a unified single-narrative harmony of the gospels. It contains the complete KJV text of all four gospels, with the gospels not arranged in parallel columns as in a traditional harmony but rather merged into a single story. Duplicate verses are included only once and minor changes are made to the wording to make the merged text grammatically correct.

With these exceptions, all the words of all four gospels are included. The intent is to help readers understand the life of Christ more fully and to motivate study of the original gospels. This is a study aid, not a translation, with no intent to subtract from or add to the inspired text.

Numbers book cover


This book contains the complete KJV text of the book of Numbers, reformatted for easier reading.

Numbers are displayed with digits rather than words, tabular data is formatted into tables, and repeated text is included only once with indication that the repetition is present. Text is formatted into paragraphs, with verse numbers in superscripts at the start of each verse. The order of the text is rearranged in minor ways for easier reading.

Malachi book cover


This book contains the complete KJV text of the book of Malachi with extensive annotations to aid in reading. The annotations are in italics to clearly distinguish them from the Bible text. Unlike a typical commentary, they are designed for in-line reading along with the original text.

Below is a sample from the beginning of the book:

The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi.

Through 1,000 years of rebellion, captivity, restoration, and now disappointment,

I have loved you, saith the LORD.

And I still love you, although your circumstances don't always seem to show it.